JamesAndrew Phelps

About James Phelps

James Phelps of Charlotte, North Carolina is a culinary expert and food critic, having spent nearly two decades serving various roles in the culinary industry. He graduated from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Culinary Program with a Certificate in Culinary Arts. After taking on a variety of culinary roles in the kitchens of Raleigh and Durham, he relocated to Charlotte to manage restaurants in the area.

Phelps has served in front of house and back of house management positions and has helped improve the offerings and fine-tune the menus of three restaurants in Charlotte. He’s since worked in catering and in pastries, developing a well-rounded understanding of the culinary experience on all sides of the table.

Recently, James Phelps left his career in restaurant management to write reviews of restaurants, bakeries, and eateries for a couple of local publications.

He lends his thorough understanding of the culinary arts in his reviews, providing insightful and keen evaluations of the top places to eat in North Carolina.

In addition, he pens thoughtful articles on trending news in the food industry as well as topics on breakthroughs in nutrition and health for his online readers. James Phelps lives in Charlotte with his wife, a restaurant manager.

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